Sustainable Energy

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Energy transition

Replacing fossil fuels with low carbon alternatives is essential to achieving our climate and sustainability goals.

Our experienced experts provide professional technical assistance and consolidated policy advice to enhance policy, regulatory, legal, and technical framework for implementation, as well as capacity building to support low carbon transition. DEM has a long-track record of supporting development of Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAPs), Renewable Energy Policies, supporting Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) reporting and Long-Term Strategy (LTS) development for clients globally.

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Energy Efficiency

Efficient use of energy is critical to reach global emission reduction goals. Therefore, with the goal of reducing energy consumption and day to day energy costs for our clients, at DEM, we deliver a range of services, from small-scale energy efficiency improvements to full scale renovations in buildings and industries and optimizing existing energy consumption. Our technical assistance services also include developing national building codes, designing ESCO/EPCs, identifying and formulating policy options on the national level.

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Globally, the building sector is one of the most energy consuming sectors in society. DEM has a proven track record in implementing sustainable energy efficiency measures in buildings for over 30 years.

DEM provides energy efficiency services in the buildings within installations, indoor climate and energy supply, as well as developing national building codes for developing countries (including in Thailand, Vietnam, Mauritius, Botswana, and Nigeria), conducting energy audits and supporting the development of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) around the world through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).  We strive to reduce overall energy consumption by identifying energy conservation opportunities and presenting course correction measures and recommendations.

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Off-Grid energy access

Off-grid energy provides the opportunity to supply modern energy in a prompt and sustainable manner to the population outside the grid network.

To meet the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) goal of achieving universal energy access by 2030, DEM provides technical assistance in promoting off-grid access by conducting studies on innovative and wide-ranged technologies regarding off-grid renewable energy for developing countries: electricity grid-extensions in rural areas, hydro-powered, solar and hybrid-solar mini-grids, stand-alone solar solutions, portable solar equipment for lighting, clean cooking solutions such as improved firewood, charcoal cook stoves and biogas, biofuels for electricity generation, and capacity building of public institutions in the energy sector.

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Climate mitigation

Climate Change is a fundamental threat to sustainable development and the fight against poverty. DEM has a specialized unit that provides global services related to Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction activities through mitigation and adaptation measures.

DEM’s technical assistance services include conducting mitigation analysis, developing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) tools and measures, developing GHG emissions reduction measures through the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, developing Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAPs), Renewable Energy policies, supporting National Determined Contribution (NDC) reporting and Long-Term Strategy (LTS) development for clients globally.

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Renewable energy

To cater to the global challenges of rapid urbanization, climate change and the growing demand for energy and resources, the deployment of renewable energy is vital.

DEM provides advisory services to governments and institutions around the world in incorporating renewable energy as a core component of their national energy strategy. Based on a thorough understanding of global best practices and supplemented by quantitative analysis, DEM provides detailed analysis of viable options available in the local context and recommendations for broader reforms that will encourage renewable energy supply and integration.

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Energy data management

Access to accurate energy data is essential for energy management and fundamental for making energy efficiency improvements.

DEM provides technical assistance in developing centralized state-of-the-art Energy Information Systems (EIS) to increase inter-agency cooperation in the collection, compilation, valorization and dissemination of energy data and statistics, which in turn supports national governments in formulating informed energy policies and regulations.  To promote institutional and personnel capacity building, DEM offers tailor-made trainings on advanced analytical techniques for development and management of centralized energy database.

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Power sector

The growing global demand for electricity calls for reliable and sustainable power generation, transmission, and distribution system.

At DEM, we assist ministries, directorates and utility companies in investment opportunities, analyzing legal and regulatory frameworks for integration of decentralized RE, developing Integrated Resource Plans (IRP), developing energy efficiency guidelines and evaluating feasibility of expansion of national grid transmission and distribution network.

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