“DEM has always been passionate for energy and sustainability, seeking to build a future in which energy is utilized in an efficient and sustainable manner that is affordable.”

In June 2015, Danish Energy Management merged with Esbensen Consulting Engineers. The merger made Danish Energy Management & Esbensen into one of the leading player in the market with an extended pool of experts and a collective experience of more than a hundred years.

In 2018 we returned to the name Danish Energy Management – in everyday speech, the more idiomatic, DEM.

The World Goals are a part of our DNA

At DEM, we specialize in energy political projects, monitoring and evaluations (OECD-DAC criteria), physical projects concerning city development plans, new construction and energy renovations of preexisting buildings. Both nationally and internationally, we supply tailored sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to public and private organization. Our work with sustainability and energy efficiency I closely knit to the UN World Goals in the field, where we strive to secure access to sustainable energy and sustainable cities. We also contribute to fighting climate change and strengthening the global efforts towards sustainable development through our partnerships.

We work with the UN Global Goals no. 7, 11, 13 and 17.

DEM has designed and implemented projects and programs for a variety of governmental and non-governmental bodies, international agencies and private sector clients including: