Six years have now passed since Danish Energy Management took the company Esbensen Consulting Engineers under its wing. The union has been a great success in the market for sustainable energy design, focused on building design and energy renovation projects in Denmark and abroad. The company is now returning to the name Danish Energy Management A/S, or simply DEM.

DEM has deep roots in sustainability, and constantly strives to build a future where energy is applied efficiently and sustainably in an affordable way. Our history is green, and we are working to make the future even greener. Therefore, with a new name we are also building on our story – we have not changed our name completely, and instead we have chosen an abbreviation that signals continuity while giving us room for development. DEM is actively involved in many high-profile research and development projects aimed at promoting sustainability and energy efficiency. DEM has incorporated the UN Sustainable Development Goals throughout its business and also helps companies, organizations and municipalities in Denmark and abroad to implement these Global Goals for sustainable impact. In fact, DEM is now helping clients to apply the SDGs worldwide.

DEM at a glance
DEM provides global services within: • Sustainable building design and urban development • Energy renovation & sustainable energy retrofit • Sustainability & energy management • Sustainable client consultancy • ESCO / EPC • Monitoring & evaluation • Sustainable cities