A warm welcome to Caroline Long and Renée Cole


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Aug 11, 2023

We are excited to introduce our newest members of our Global team 🌟 A warm welcome to Caroline Long and Renée C.

Caroline Long is the new International Development Consultant working with the Global Team. She moved to Denmark last April after a few years living and working in Mozambique and Sierra Leone as a climate and environment adviser for the UK Government and for various NGOs before that.

"I have been around for a couple of weeks now and so happy to be part of what seems like a really close-knit and fun company! I will be working across both the international Business Development team and the technical team supporting with some of their assignments."

Renée Cole is our new Business Development Consultant also working with the Global Team. Renée has worked at a nonprofit, a chamber of commerce, done an internship at a development consultancy, and most recently worked as the operations manager at a small restaurant.

"I am originally from the US, specifically from California but I have lived the last few years in Europe. I have lived in both Germany and Sweden, before moving to Denmark to complete my master’s in international studies from Aarhus University. I graduated last year and wrote my thesis on the shifting hydro-political landscape in the Nile River Basin."

We are thrilled to welcome Caroline and Renee and very excited to work with both of them 🤗