SDG Case Development Workshop

The purpose of the SDG Development Workshop is to give the participants the tools that they need to develop their own SDG-cases, which can be used as a stand-alone communication.

Hands-on training allows participants to work on clearly communicating key elements of their pre-selected case, linking the impact from their project directly to global sustainability objectives.

Participants of the SDG Development Workshops are invited to:

  • An introduction to working actively with the SDGs with relation to Country or local obligations
  • A presentation of hands-on case-based reporting, with an opportunity for participants to work on one of their own cases
  • A discussion of opportunities and barriers for the implementation of sustainability strategies and working actively with the SDGs

Prior to these workshops, participants are asked to select one specific project within their organization or program which they will use to develop their SDG case.

Examples of workshop participants could be: architects, universities, municipal departments, financial institutions or other engineering consultancies.