Capacity building & training

In order to ensure successful implementation and anchoring of technical energy measures, capacity building is provided as an integral element in our services.
We provide training and capacity building to professionals and at an institutional level to governments, ministries, non-governmental groups and communities. Understanding energy and resource usage, and how to plan and manage resources efficiently are important skills to build at all organizational levels. This implies addressing capacity building on a long-term strategic view. Concepts such as leadership, awareness and community building are part and parcel of our institution building efforts.

In order to achieve long term capacity building, we stress the importance of building organizational capacity – focused on developing capacity within organizations and enhancing an organization’s abilities to manage energy consciously.

Our approach focuses on sustainable and lasting capacity building in the organizations. Often, an initial training needs assessment is conducted in close dialogue with the local stakeholders to map both the institutional and individual capacities and needs.

We offer:

  • Highly experienced instructors within all energy related disciplines
  • Training course and curricula development, implementation and examination at an academic level
  • Organisation of workshops, seminars and network establishment