Consultancy on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy in Georgia

Posted on: March 30, 2016

Tbilisi_Georgia_PanoramicDanish Energy Management & Esbensen led consortium comprising of Econoler (Canada) and Energy Efficiency Center (Georgia) is among the 5 shortlisted Consultants for the Danida (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark) funded assignment – Consultancy on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy in Georgia.

The assignment has a budget of DKK 17.8 million and supports Georgia in promoting energy efficiency in the building sector and integration of renewable energy to the national power grid.

The objectives of the consultancy assignment are: a) to provide project management and reporting support to the project steering committee (PSC) and implementing agencies to ensure efficient and effective achievement of the project goals and b) offer specialist technical expertise on demand to ensure that the implementing agencies can access the most appropriate knowledge and skills and benefit from the expertise and experience of Danish know-how.
The assignment envisions that the Consultant, through a combination of providing project management, reporting and technical specialist support, will help achieve the 4 engagement level outcomes:

  1. Public buildings in Georgia apply minimum energy efficient design standards.
  2. Energy Efficiency Labelling on products is enforced.
  3. Georgia’s monitoring and reporting on national energy consumption is aligned with European standards and legislation.
  4. Renewable Energy is enabled to be integrated into the Georgian national power system.