SDG Screening & Materiality Assessment

The purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Screening and Materiality Assessment is to determine which SDGs and related Targets are the most relevant for the client – namely those SDGs and Targets which reflect the sustainable impact made by the client’s products and services.

A materiality assessment is a process of:

  1. Identifying all relevant documentation, a client may have with relation to:
    • Sustainability and related policies
    • Measurement tools and assessments that relate to products and services
    • Codes, certifications and standards used by the client to inform their work
  2. Once identified, this documentation is assessed in order to categorize and prioritize the most relevant documents for the client with relation to achieving sustainable impact.
  3. Key SDGs and Targets are then selected based on this categorization and prioritization, and the final report describes the client’s own material, and how this material (including products and services) relates directly to UN Global Goals and Targets.

By linking to SDGs and Targets, this report also assesses numerous potential environmental, social and economic issues that are, and could, affect the client’s business.

Do you have questions to SDG Screening & Materiality Assessment or the process are you welcome to contact Mads Hammershøj on for more information.