SDG Management Service

The purpose of the SDG Management Service is to give the Leaders within organizations and programs the means to steer their business in a more sustainable direction.
We are helping them to identify new business opportunities, anticipate new legislation and standards and better satisfy their employees and customers.

Sustainability Management

The critical importance of sustainability is in sharp focus with 92 percent of the business community currently aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In financial terms, research shows that high sustainability firms outperform traditional firms when considering rates of return, and achieving the SDGs is projected to create market opportunities worth up to 12 trillion USD a year for the private sector by 2030.

Like ISO standards, the SDGs provide the opportunity for a robust compliance framework for sustainability, where impact is able to be measured easily and often, in a transparent way.

Working in close collaboration with management to:

  1. raise awareness and behavior within the organization,
  2. specify SDGs & Targets that relate most specifically to the core activities of the organization,
  3. create SMART indicators that can be reported on easily and often,
  4. implement a system for monitoring progress, and
  5. creating communications material to reach a broad range of stakeholders.

Setting this process in place ensures continued focus on sustainability and enables an internal environment where the client’s organization can become more sustainable in terms of people, planet and profit.