The solar cell technology transforms the energy from the sun to electricity. Photovoltaic cells can be implemented in new buildings and on existing buildings in connection with an energy renovation, and is the only type of renewable energy that can be produced efficiently in an urban area. Solar cells can be conducted as stand-alone, implemented or applied on building facades or roofs.

To secure an optimised functionality of the photovoltaic plant, it is important that it is included in the design plans right from the start. Especially, when the solution involves integrated solar cells it is recommended that the architect, engineer and developer establish an early dialogue, as there are several geometric and electricity-technical constraints associated. Particularly shadow casters must be a priority in this phase.

We offer:

  • Development of solar energy concepts based on active solar energy, using the process Integrated Energy Design. Read more under Integrated Energy Design
  • General consultancy on solar cells, including choice of cell type, plant installation, placement, functionality, etc.
  • Financial calculations for the solar energy plant
  • Preparation of procurement material
  • Electric technical dimensioning and planning of solar energy plant
  • Analysis, optimisation and documentation of possible designs and configurations of the solar cells in a given situation, using the tool PVSyst Measurement for solar cells