Low/Zero Energy Buildings

The energy consumption of buildings constitutes a large percentage of the total energy use in the modern society. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption in existing and new buildings will help reduce the CO2-emissions and the running costs of the individual building.

We want to contribute in building energy- and environmentally friendly buildings. We conduct concept development and planning of buildings to the desired energy class, including passive housing and active housing. We work through the process Integrated Energy Design to develop holistic solutions that combine architecture with sustainability. Also, we can assist on economic calculations showing capital expenditures and estimated running costs in relation to the desired energy class. We offer low energy construction of both new buildings and renovations of residential buildings, offices, institutions, hospitals, hotels and industrial buildings.

We offer:

  • Concept/project development strategies for energy, indoor climate and sustainability
  • Planning of indoor climate, HVAC and ventilation, electricity, lighting and energy inclusive energy calculations for desired low energy class or passive house standard
  • Measurement and documentation when the building is in use
  • Lighting design for optimising both daylight and artificial light