Sustainability & Energy Management

With the United Nations resolution on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – also known as Global Goals – the focus on holistic energy and sustainability solutions has increased. Both public and private companies and organizations are calling for solutions that will support them in reaching their economic, social and environmental sustainability goals.

We offer management-, technical- and user centered consulting for energy and sustainability management services. We deliver solutions and projects that add value and contribute to our common global responsibilities – ensuring a healthy environment and sustainable climate – for us now, as well as for future generations.

Our consultancy within energy management is a global and long-standing service based on the ISO 50001 international standard for Energy Management.
We value energy management as a managerial anchor, founded on technical and behavioral initiatives. Our energy audits identify extensive energy savings potential, and by focusing on energy consciousness within the entire organization, our model ensures that these savings are realized every year.

The fact is that much of what we do as humans is done automatically by routine, as a force of habit. Our consultancy regarding energy consciousness and sustainable behavior uses this fact to create positive habits and routines. We offer purposeful courses that increase user awareness regarding resources, climate and energy, teaching behavior that can reduce consumption and ensure that the company attains economic savings.

As consultants in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we assist private companies and public institutions in converting these Global Goals into new business opportunities.
Our consultancy comprises everything from the mapping of organization-specific Global Goals, to the development of sustainability strategies for the measurement of impact, to the communication of organizational contribution towards the Goals through a wide variety of media channels.

As first-movers in working with the Global Goals, we regularly arrange workshops and present at conferences in Denmark and other regions around the world. These engagements give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience, and provide recommendations regarding how to work with and measure sustainability. Our services provide tools for unlocking a vast number of innovation and market opportunities that exist for those organizations willing to focus on sustainability and the Global Goals.