Energy and Climate

Guided by a common global goal laid out by the Paris agreement, nations across the globe are taking actions to fulfil their pledge, while accelerating the transition to a clean and green world. Access to clean energy and developing climate change resilience are key drivers of this sustainable development. They directly impact economic growth, improve livelihoods, create jobs, increase market competitiveness of industries, protect the environment, help conserve natural resources and most importantly lead the way towards a climate conscious future. From striving to increase the share of renewables in their energy mix, embracing low-carbon technologies, identifying opportunities for energy conservation across key economic sectors and building climate resilience through adaptation and mitigation measures, countries are implementing complex actions that move them closer to achieving their goals. These complex actions necessitate the need for technical assistance covering a broad range of areas.

DEM provides consultancy and advisory services to both international donors who are driving these developments and to national/regional stakeholders responsible for implementing concrete interventions at the national or regional level. Drawing on our 30 years of experience working in EU, Africa and Asia, DEM has assisted in the development and implementation of evidence-based energy and climate policies and strategies, ensuring that initiatives and instruments are designed based on sound assumptions and a robust assessment of the sector and its future.

Our range of services cover:

  • Feasibility studies (covering technical, socio-economic and financial aspects)
  • Market Landscape studies (identifying opportunities, barriers, key stakeholders, investment environment, etc)
  • Research studies – Review of national/regional policies, legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Development of national Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy, strategy and action plan
  • Energy/climate financing and development of investment plan
  • Design, procurement, contracting, negotiation and implementation of energy/climate projects
  • Training and institutional capacity building
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Selected project experience:

  • EU for Climate Action in the ENI Southern Neighborhood (2018)
  • Development of Botswana Energy Efficiency Strategy (2015-2017)
  • Establishment of Energy Efficiency Target Monitoring System (2011-2015) and the development of post – 2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy (2015-2017) for South Africa
  • Energy Efficiency in Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector (EINCOPS) in Indonesia under the Environmental Support Programme II (2008-2013)
  • Energy Market Landscape Study for the Energy and Environment Partnership Southern and East Africa Trust Fund (2017)
  • Consultancy support for: Identification and formulation missions in the field of energy efficiency/sustainable energy in Georgia
  • Institutional Strengthening of National Energy Management Committee in Energy Policy and Planning – Myanmar (2014)
  • Formulation of EU interventions in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Morocco (2017)
  • Review of Applicants for the Cogen for Africa Project Grants for Feasibility/ Engineering Studies (2017)
  • Consulting Services for the Development of 3 Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP) for Zambia (2012-2013)
  • Rwanda Renewable Energy Strategy Studies (2011-2012)
  • Support to implementation of Energy Efficiency Building Codes in Vietnam (2013-2015) and in Nigeria (2017)